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ReParenting the sacred journey of being human.

About Us

Thank you for being here!!

Orgasmic Oracle Mystery School (O2MS) is an online & in-person exploration to discover, create & celebrate the sacredness of being human. Created, curated & coordinated by Rev. Briana Lynn, (call her Briana!), she comes fully dedicated to her purpose; to end all suffering for self, others selves & the world itself through the practices of Gratitude, radical aliveness (Orgasm) & Deviance, which is our definition of G.O.D.


O2MS is a space to express & explore the sacred journey of being human as it is TRUE NOW. This is a school of LIFE. Think of this journey more as spiritual ART, rather than 'spiritual teachings'. We find this allows us all to eliminate the pedestals that are causing so much inequality on our planet especially as it relates to religion & spirituality. 

As this school is based on RADICAL ALIVENESS, we acknowledge that the information shared here evolves & changes. Not everything that is shared stays true throughout time. We also acknowledge that we come from a particular culture, time in space & context that does not apply to all of humanity. Our limitations are real. Our intentions are for healing, celebration & creation. If you find yourself triggered, please do your inner work to support yourself. If you find yourself facing off with a theme in which a more expanded conversation or awareness on our part could support the inclusion of more humans in our work, please let us know. It is not our intention to offend, exclude, or alienate any humans in O2MS & we acknowledge that with the tenderness of the subjects we traverse, this may happen.

The 22 Orgasmic Gates were channeled (aka made up) by rbl in the depths of her grief, joy & humanness. While everything that is shared here is original, we also acknowledge that there are MANY outside influences, teachers & philosophies that have contributed to this original work. Please see rbl's bio: http://theearthtemple.com/rbl for our acknowledgments of the many incredible teachers & lineages that inform the O2MS & OG's that we share as our core curriculum.

We do not stand as your teachers, but as mentors to help you activate the teacher within YOU.

If you desire to be a part of O2MS & cannot at the current price points, please write us to discuss further - [email protected]

Thank you for being here & we are so thrilled to explore the sacredness of being human, together. 

Why You Should Join Us

This dynamic & safe space is a welcome mat for those on the journey of overcoming rejection. 

Together we will learn to truly live as a lighthouse of core values through the art of sharing our message.

What is included in O2MS?

- The EXTENSIVE rbl w/ a cause archives of ALL LIVES & teachings (over 100 videos, podcasts, articles & MORE!) ORGANIZED BY ORGASMIC GATES for themed & focused learning– ALL IN ONE PLACE! Please note; there will be INFINITE rounds to explore the 22 OG's, so you DO NOT need to digest all of the information at once. You get to go at your OWN PACE. 

- Once a WEEK LIVES from rbl - ONLY for O2MS ~ on our personal platform. Aired LIVE EVERY Weds 1pmPT, 4pmET, 9pUKT, 10a CET, 8amAEDT, 10amNZST. (This alone is valued at $333/weekly!!!) Most of the live's will be hosted by rbl, with an occasional guest host! 

- A Community of Orgasmic Oracles, with chat & magical connection features on our site! Come one come all!! Women, men, soul siblings ~ ALL BEINGS OF AL GENDERS, AGES, RACES, BELIEFS & BACKGROUNDS ARE WELCOME & INVITED!!! 

- A deeper dive into the curriculum of the 22 Orgasmic Gates (OG’s)
We explore 1 OG every week, & dive deep into the practice, philosophy & embodiment of the 22 ways to access G.O.D. - Gratitude, Orgasm & Deviance. 

- 1st access to all IN-PERSON events, sacred circles, nature quests, private mentorships & rebates on ALL rbl’s offerings!!

You are truly about to embark upon a journey of inner-knowing. in order to share your purpose with the world. If we want to turn on the light for the world, we must first awaken The Orgasmic Oracle within! 

A Big Thanks

We are so grateful to be on this living journey with you. 

This will be a stretch into how we frame our reality & how we get to share our deepest purpose & aliveness with the world. 

Let's Go Orgasmic Oracle!